About HippiE hAYDEN

Hippie Hayden was coined by good friends of mine while brainstorming about the future in our college townhome. As I was doing a degree in music education and pre-med, my lifestyle was taking on a life of it’s own. I knew upon graduation that I wanted to help others find healing through nutrition and embrace a holistic lifestyle that could truly transform, instead of looking for a teaching job. Soon after I enrolled in a holistic nutrition program and spent grueling hours learning, researching, and building the trust of family, friends, and their friends. It’s been nothing but an incredibly rewarding journey to meet and work with those who entrust to me their most precious earthly possession; the health of their own bodies. Recently I saw a picture of me in that same college townhome surrounded by herbs, and books with the caption “This will be my job one day right?” The answer was yes! Yes it would!


Hippie Hayden has grown and changed many times over the years. It started out as a holistic beauty company producing truly clean, pure, and non toxic products for human bodies. At the time no such products existed, none that met my standards. Then Hippie Hayden, the practice, came along; remote and a full time office in uptown Dallas, TX. The blog edition now encompasses every facet of the holistic lifestyle. Not just food, health, and wellness; but sustainable holistic living as a whole. Nutrient dense food, sustainable production and sourcing of food, healing the body on a bioindividual level through not just the physical, but spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, environmental, and intellectual aspects of well-being. There are a lot of people pumping out recipes and advice on the internet, but not enough showing you how to actually live holism. What does it look like? Stick around and I’ll show you!