Hippie COLLECTIVE courses


The Basics - 12 week course

In seven years of working with private clients I’ve found myself repeating a lot of the same basic information daily. That’s not a bad thing! I love reeducating others on how to eat, source nutrient dense ingredients, and the basics of traditional foods. As a society we’re completely disconnected from our food, how it’s produced, and the traditional wisdom of ancestral nutrition. In an effort to further educate my own clientele and others who are interested in bettering themselves nutritionally, I developed and wrote a curriculum that’s chock full of info but easily understandable and implementable. This course is different from others you’ll find on the internet currently because I teach them live! I didn’t like the idea of developing an educational course only to it loose into the web never to truly connect with those who would learn from it. I teach this particular course live, in it’s entirety, twice a year with two different day and time offerings for students to attend. You not only get to learn the information directly from me, but have the opportunity to ask questions you have as we go through all the material, as well connect with me and other students during the week.

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  • April 28th - July 21st


  • Live classes taught weekly.

  • Recordings of each live weekly class for your permanent library and personal review.

  • A hard copy bound book of all the class material at the end of the entire course.

  • Weekly class slides emailed before class.

  • Live communication with the teacher and students.

  • Ample resources corresponding with each course section.

  • First month discounted Hippie Collective Membership




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