Early Bird Amazon Black Friday Deals | Kitchen Equipment Edition

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. I’m not one for much consumerism or materialism, but I do love me a good deal for the things I do need! So far there are only a few practical steals during Amazon’s early bird Black Friday deals that would appeal to the nutrient dense foodie, but we know more is coming! For now take a look at these goodies and snag what you need to build your kitchen equipment arsenal!

  1. Acock slow/masticating juicer. Now this item is a steal! I’ve had this juicer in the past, before upgrading to my Omega, and it was great! Usually priced around $110 (still a steal for a slow/masticating juicer if you ask me) it is currently priced for $68. If you don’t have a juicer go ahead and grab this, even if you don’t plan on becoming an avid or regular juicer, you’ll be glad you have this in your nutrient dense kitchen equipment arsenal!

  2. Stainless steel chip clips. Everyone needs chip clips, and these are 100% stainless so you can effectively disinfect them and continue to remove plastics from your life. Just grab them, you probably need them.

  3. Sou Vide cooker. It’s the kitchen tool every nerdy foodie wants or dreams of. This one is priced super low considering it is the top choice of many professionals. I’m personally excited about this one and ordering it now!

  4. Kitchen blow torch. I keep one of these on hand for all sorts of food/presentation uses. If you like making creme brulee, you probably already know the wonders that is the kitchen blow torch.

  5. Three tiered dish rack. With the holidays coming up and the mass amounts of entertaining we all will inevitably be doing, something like this comes in handy; especially for those of us with kitchens on the smaller side.

  6. Instant read thermometer. There’s only one real way to guarantee your meat of choice has been cooked to your exact liking, and that’s with the use of a proper meat thermometer. Everyone needs one in their kitchen, always.

  7. Digital kitchen scale. This is a tool that is especially vital for the novice and experienced baker. If you plan on picking up the art of making bread, you’ll be glad you have this so you can go off ingredient weight and percentages rather than cups.

  8. Glass food storage containers. With all the holiday party and meal leftovers you’ll want plenty of non-toxic food storage options. Around this time of year tons of companies put their good glassware storage containers on sale, so keep your eyes peeled and snag one for a great price!

That is definitely not an exhaustive list and I expect to see much more gone on sale as Black Friday and Cyber Monday get even closer. For now those are a few good deals to get started with as sale season falls upon us. Keep a look out on the Hippie Hayden facebook page for constant deal updates from all my favorite nutrient dense, slow living retailers so you can take advantage and snag the great deals too!

Happy Holiday Season

~ Hippie Hayden