Nourish | What's in store for 2019

No, this post doesn’t include a soup recipe. It just so happens that thinking of the word nourish evokes thoughts of warm “nourishing” soup. Don’t get excited lol

I’m not much for joining in on kitschy beginning of the year things, like having a “word” or “book lists” etc. I firmly believe any time of the year is a wonderful time to make changes, to grow, to set goals. Why limit yourself to one time of year that you’re most likely going to overload yourself with change and fail? We’ve been in a traditional phase after losing our home to mold anyway, so changes for our life, and mine individually, happen to coincide with the beginning of the year. So many people in the health community start off the year by punishing themselves, although they’ll deeply defend that they’re doing no such thing: only aiming to become a better version of themselves. They start the year with a grueling round of whole 30 (yes, grueling, it’s an elimination diet mean for therapeutic uses only under the supervision of a practitioner), a juice cleanse, non religious fasting, Keto, or some other fad diet famed to cure you of everything. 2018 was an incredible year for me as a practitioner, a year of learning and growth that I’ll forever be grateful for because it had me hop off the punishment train and instead I’ve learned to solely focus on nourishing myself. I no longer care what my weight is (haven’t owned a scale in years and never will again) or what size I wear in any type of clothing. This year I realized that I’m no longer a prepubescent ballerina, not a waif college girl, I’m a woman in the prime of her child bearing years. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not been completely ignoring what I put in my mouth, do you even know me?!  But starting off the year with such restriction (often labeled under the guise of “discipline” or “self control”) is not mentally healthy, and ultimately our mental health toward our bodies rules its function. If we treat ourselves with such animosity, it will begin to decay faster either way, no matter how many juice cleanses or rounds of whole 30 you do.

There was a time when I would have rolled my eyes at this advice and scoffed “you just don’t care enough” or “you’re just lazy” or something similar I’m sure. If that’s your inclination, take a step back and breathe. I’m NOT advocating unhealthy lifestyles. But, I’m also not advocating for orthorexia.

If you’re a health/nutrition practitioner or advocate, you may want to look into that term and see if it’s something you possibly identify with or have in the past. And if you don’t, it may be good to be aware of it anyway so you know what people deeply involved in the health and wellness community are easily afflicted with. I laughed when I first heard about it, but man is it pervasive in the health/wellness community. If you’re inclined to start the new year off with a crazy health goals, a round of whole 30 or unrealistic workout schedules.

How about you adopt my word of the year? Nourish.

*I just threw up in my mouth watching myself write that*

I need nourishment this year in more ways than one. I desperately need to nourish my soul after the few years I’ve had and with the goal of trying to get pregnant in the near future I desperately need to make sure my cells are nourished as to reduce postpartum depletion and to house/feed a tiny human in utero.

That’s what I teach my clients to do and that’s what I do with myself. Nourish encompasses so many facets of life that we do desperately need in this day and age. My only “health” goal for the year is to nourish myself and to return the favor to my clients. To nourish myself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically and to teach others how to do that well. I’m not allowing fear to dictate this my life this year.

So yeah, I guess I have a word for the year.

Now that we’ve had that little chat, let’s talk about what you can expect from the website this year. Like I’ve mentioned here and on other platforms. The only real health goal I have is to nourish myself and to hopefully get pregnant. I took a lot of time thinking about whether I wanted to let the internet know that was a goal since it’s such a sensitive and personal topic for myself and others. We don’t have any fertility issues, that we’re aware of, but I do recognize that in choosing to expose our journey toward baby Ritchie we’re potentially exposing the fact that it may be difficult for us. We have no reason to think that it will, but I like to be prepared for all possibilities.

Because that will be my own personal focus, and is now a primary focus for many of my clients (five who have gotten pregnant since beginning to work with me…whoooohoooo babies!) I want to do a fertility related post here once a week. The first thing I want to talk about this coming week is how nutritional therapy relates to fertility. How it can help if you have issues, how it can be preventative by learning your own bioindividuality, nourishing yourself accordingly, and preventing post partum depletion among other things, and how it can help to grow/make healhy babies and mama’s.

So many people in my life are in the height of their fertile prime and so many people in my life are experiencing devastating fertility struggles. I want to sympathize while also offering hope and healing. I’ve seen wonderful things come from nourishing your body well, in every aspect. I’m really excited to unleash all sorts of information, nourishing recipes, advice, suggestions etc. It’s going to be a fun and exciting year!

New Year Blessings, friends!

~ Hippie Hayden