Sourdough Starter Pancakes


One of the gifts of having a sourdough starter is sourdough pancakes. It’s a great way to use up the waste that is starter pour off and they’re absolutely delectable! It’s also a great way to get comfortable using your starter before you dive into other sourdough products and baked goods; especially the first few months where you building it up to be strong enough for bread. My husband asks for them just about every morning in his pre coffee stupor. They’re easy and versatile, not to mention actually healthy and full of protein and fiber! As long as you’ve got an active sourdough starter sitting out on your counter that needs to be fed soon, you can make pancakes! 



Batter Ingredients:

1C sourdough starter  

1 egg

1/2t of baking soda

1 Rounded T of fat (I use coconut oil, sour cream, lard, bacon fat, tallow, whatever is on hand)  

1T sweetener (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar)  

1 pinch of salt  

Splash of vanilla

Extra fat for frying the pancakes in and topping of choice  

*this recipe is easily doubled or tripled  




• Heat, on medium,  a well seasoned cast iron with frying fat of choice.

• While the pan is heating up, pour off 1-2 cups of sourdough starter (depending on how many pancakes you’re making)  

• Add all the ingredients to the start except for the baking soda.  

• Once the pan is heating well and the batter mixed up, add the baking soda to the batter. Make sure you use a big enough bowl or measuring cup because the batter will about double once you add the baking soda 

• Only mix the baking soda in enough to incorporate. 

•  Pour pancakes onto the frying pan and flip once the edges are cooked and top is bubbly.

•Serve with butter and pure maple syrup or other toppings of choice. We like berry compote in the summer with whipped cream.  


You can make so many variations on the recipe can be made! As long as you stick to the basic batter recipe it can be livened up many ways! Cinnamon roll pancakes, blueberry pancakes, pumpkin spice pancakes, gingerbread pancakes, the list goes on!  




Cinnamon Roll Pancakes


Original pancake batter recipe (made with sour cream as the fat) 

1/4 C Powdered sugar

1-2t Milk

1T Cinnamon  



• Make sourdough pancake batter as normal  

• Mix together cinnamon, sugar, and milk until a decently thick but pourable frosting is made

• While the pancakes are cooking on the frying pan swirl the cinnamon sugar icing into the pancake and flip once ready.

I serve these with only a pat of good pasture butter on top. Saves you from using your expensive pure organic maple syrup some mornings!  



Pumpkin Pancakes


Original pancake batter recipe  

1/2 C pumpkin  

1/2t Pumpkin pie spice  

1T Brown sugar  



• Make sourdough starter pancake batter as normal 

• Add pumpkin, spices and sugar

• Make pancakes as normal

• Serve with whipped cream  


Ginger Bread Pancakes  


Original pancake batter recipe 

1T Unsulfured blackstrap molasses  

1/2t Ground ginger

1/4t Cloves

1/4t Cinnamon  

1/4t Nutmeg 

1/8t Pumpkin pie spice  

2T Brown sugar or coconut sugar  



• Make sourdough pancake batter as normak

• Add molasses, spices, and sweetener of choice  

• Make pancakes as normal  

• Serve with whipped cream, maple syrup butter, or fermented applesauce! 



Berry Compote:


1C Frozen mixed organic berries  

1T Fresh lemon juice  

1t Sweetener if needed (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar etc) 



• Heat the berries in a small saucepan on medium low with lemon juice until soft

• Mash the berries or blend and add sweetener if using. 

• While still hot pour onto fresh pancakes and serve  



As you you can see, we love pancakes in this house! I make many variations on them a few times a week and serve with all the other usual breakfast fair; eggs, sausage, fermented sides, and lots of hot coffee. Breakfast is our favorite! 


Tell me what what your favorite flavors of pancakes are! I love trying new things! Enjoy these recipes y’all! 


~ Hippie Hayden  


Hayden's Famous Chili

I went to a small Baptist University for college and every fall they had a chili cook-off. I always wanted to compete and win. I knew my chili would win, hands down; of that I was confident. Only problem was, my school only let males compete. Maybe because they knew they didn’t stand a chance against female cooking? That’s what I keep telling myself. I did find a way to get around that distasteful rule. insert Grinch smile here I let a fraternity on campus enter with my chili recipe….and guess what? They won. So take that, small Baptist University which shall remain nameless. It’s won a few awards in addition to that first delicious victory and today I share with you all the recipe I’ve kept most under lock and key. I haven’t gone completely mad. I am keeping a few tricks to myself. But you all are getting the base recipe that bolstered this chili’s fame.



1 lb Ground meat of choice (I use beef and greatly prefer that. At least 80/20)

1/2 lb Chorizo

1 Sweet onion chopped

1 Can of Rotel

1 Small can of tomato sauce

1 Can of Ranch Style Beans (The can with the black label and yellow/white writing, if you don’t have access to these, a can of chili style pinto or red beans will do. If you’re not in the US you will have to make chili beans in a chili gravy)

2 Tsp chili powder

1-2 dashes of cayenne, depending on how hot you like it

1/4 tsp cinnamon

A sprinkle of two of dark brown sugar

Chips of choice (Mine are scooable frito’s always and forever)

Toppings: shredded and american cheese, jalapeno’s, sour cream, cilantro, guacamole, etc

Seasoning salt to taste


  1. In a sizable chili pot on medium high heat, add chopped onion and saute for a few minutes to soften before adding ground meat in.

  2. Add in ground meat and season rather liberally with seasoning salt of choice (in the original recipe I used Lawry’s. Since learning the error of my ways, I make my own seasoning salt that is comparable but not full of nasty toxins. But if you want the OG, buy a bottle of the nasty.)

  3. Once the meat is no longer pink, add in each of the canned ingredients with all their liquid.*

  4. Once the base of the chili is combined, add in your other seasonings; chili powder, cayenne, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

  5. Let the chili simmer covered for about 30 -45 minutes.

  6. Test to see if any seasoning needs to be tweaked.

  7. Serve with your favorite chili ‘fixins. I top my high with cheese and eat with scoopable Frito’s (yes Frito’s) instead of a spoon. It’s the most holy way to eat chili I’m convinced. Other acceptable toppings are sour cream, cilantro, fresh or pickled jalapeno’s, cornbread, or cheese biscuits.

*This recipe double, triples, quadruples etc easily. The only caution I would advise is paying attention to the excess liquid in the canned Rotel. If you like a thicker chili, like me, you will want to possible drain 1-2 cans of Rotel depending on how thick or thin you want it. You also might need to cut the onion down so it’s not overpowering.

This recipe has won me boyfriends and eventually a husband, comforted me in my darkest of times, and celebrated with me in joyous seasons. It has fed many many people over the years; from Halloween parties to football tailgates, with friends after a high school dance and family around our table once the weather is cold. It is a constant in my life and I hope it becomes one for you as well.

Enjoy, friends,

~ Hippie Hayden