Sourdough Starter Pancakes


One of the gifts of having a sourdough starter is sourdough pancakes. It’s a great way to use up the waste that is starter pour off and they’re absolutely delectable! It’s also a great way to get comfortable using your starter before you dive into other sourdough products and baked goods; especially the first few months where you building it up to be strong enough for bread. My husband asks for them just about every morning in his pre coffee stupor. They’re easy and versatile, not to mention actually healthy and full of protein and fiber! As long as you’ve got an active sourdough starter sitting out on your counter that needs to be fed soon, you can make pancakes! 



Batter Ingredients:

1C sourdough starter  

1 egg

1/2t of baking soda

1 Rounded T of fat (I use coconut oil, sour cream, lard, bacon fat, tallow, whatever is on hand)  

1T sweetener (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar)  

1 pinch of salt  

Splash of vanilla

Extra fat for frying the pancakes in and topping of choice  

*this recipe is easily doubled or tripled  




• Heat, on medium,  a well seasoned cast iron with frying fat of choice.

• While the pan is heating up, pour off 1-2 cups of sourdough starter (depending on how many pancakes you’re making)  

• Add all the ingredients to the start except for the baking soda.  

• Once the pan is heating well and the batter mixed up, add the baking soda to the batter. Make sure you use a big enough bowl or measuring cup because the batter will about double once you add the baking soda 

• Only mix the baking soda in enough to incorporate. 

•  Pour pancakes onto the frying pan and flip once the edges are cooked and top is bubbly.

•Serve with butter and pure maple syrup or other toppings of choice. We like berry compote in the summer with whipped cream.  


You can make so many variations on the recipe can be made! As long as you stick to the basic batter recipe it can be livened up many ways! Cinnamon roll pancakes, blueberry pancakes, pumpkin spice pancakes, gingerbread pancakes, the list goes on!  




Cinnamon Roll Pancakes


Original pancake batter recipe (made with sour cream as the fat) 

1/4 C Powdered sugar

1-2t Milk

1T Cinnamon  



• Make sourdough pancake batter as normal  

• Mix together cinnamon, sugar, and milk until a decently thick but pourable frosting is made

• While the pancakes are cooking on the frying pan swirl the cinnamon sugar icing into the pancake and flip once ready.

I serve these with only a pat of good pasture butter on top. Saves you from using your expensive pure organic maple syrup some mornings!  



Pumpkin Pancakes


Original pancake batter recipe  

1/2 C pumpkin  

1/2t Pumpkin pie spice  

1T Brown sugar  



• Make sourdough starter pancake batter as normal 

• Add pumpkin, spices and sugar

• Make pancakes as normal

• Serve with whipped cream  


Ginger Bread Pancakes  


Original pancake batter recipe 

1T Unsulfured blackstrap molasses  

1/2t Ground ginger

1/4t Cloves

1/4t Cinnamon  

1/4t Nutmeg 

1/8t Pumpkin pie spice  

2T Brown sugar or coconut sugar  



• Make sourdough pancake batter as normak

• Add molasses, spices, and sweetener of choice  

• Make pancakes as normal  

• Serve with whipped cream, maple syrup butter, or fermented applesauce! 



Berry Compote:


1C Frozen mixed organic berries  

1T Fresh lemon juice  

1t Sweetener if needed (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar etc) 



• Heat the berries in a small saucepan on medium low with lemon juice until soft

• Mash the berries or blend and add sweetener if using. 

• While still hot pour onto fresh pancakes and serve  



As you you can see, we love pancakes in this house! I make many variations on them a few times a week and serve with all the other usual breakfast fair; eggs, sausage, fermented sides, and lots of hot coffee. Breakfast is our favorite! 


Tell me what what your favorite flavors of pancakes are! I love trying new things! Enjoy these recipes y’all! 


~ Hippie Hayden  


Pumpkin Chai Spices Whoopie Pies (GF/DF)

I’m not ashamed of my love for all things pumpkin and spice and everything nice. Not one bit. So I combined my favorite fall dessert flavor and my favorite dessert to make the ultimate. Pumpkin chai spiced whoopie pies.

I fell in love with whoopie pies in the fourth grade on a trip to Pennsylvania Dutch country. It seemed pretty smart to me that they would basically make a cake eatable with your hands, instead of requiring a proper dish and silverware.

I can taste my first one now. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s absolutely true. It was a perfectly baked, moist, delectable two rounds of cake with a beautifully fluffy creme in the middle that wasn’t too sweet and complimented the cake perfectly.


The girls operating the farm stand where we bought them were dressed traditional PA dutch, one older, one younger, and then a toddler. All bare foot. In fact, I remember the feet of the toddler because she clearly had an infected toe, due to an ingrown toenail (only my ballerina self would realize that was the problem) and didn’t seem to mind one bit. Maybe not the most picturesque memory, but a memory nonetheless.

Only a few weeks after getting home from our trip I grabbed one of the cookbooks I bought while in Lancaster county and made a whole spread for me and my childhood best friend that included whoopie pies for dessert. I formulated this recipe later on in life and recently made it for a group of my husbands friends who all came over for a fall party we hosted.

Cake Ingredients:

3C All purpose gf flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill one to one, you can probably get away using the gluten free flour you like, but I don’t suggest using anything super out there like paleo flour….just don’t)

1T Ground Cinnamon

2t Pumpkin Pie Spice

2t Ground Ginger

1t Nutmeg, fresh grated preferably

1t Ground Clove

1t Baking Soda

1t Baking Powder

1/2t Salt

1C Brown Sugar

1C Granulated Sugar

1C Organic Palm Shortening (you can get some here)

1 Can Pumpkin Puree (not pumpkin pie mix)

2 Eggs

1T Vanilla


  • Preheat oven to 350

  • Combine dry ingredients and set aside

  • Combine Sugars and palm shortening, mix with a hand or stand mixer

  • Mix in egg and vanilla, just till combined

  • Slowly mix the dry ingredients with the wet by hand, or in your stand mixer

  • Once the batter has come together, allow it to sit for rougly 30 minutes or until you’re ready to pipe out your individual whoopie pie rounds. If you don’t want your mix to be typical gluten free grainy, don’t skip this step. It helps any gf baking tremendously.

  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a sil pat.

  • Pipe out each individual cake round, roughly 3” in diameter. You can use a piping bag or a ziploc bag with one of the corner tips cut off — I prefer this because it gets messy and can be thrown away. Easy clean up!

  • ** The batter is THICK ** This is why I recommend only piping out 3’ diameter cake round at first. Once you do that, oil your hand with coconut oil or butter, you’re choice. Using your oiled hands spread each piped cake round out 2 ish more inches in diameter by pressing down and out making sure the piped batter comes together. This step makes them flatter. Otherwise, because of the batters thickness, they would be obnoxiously tall. This is why I recommend only piping out about 3” cakes, if you piped out the full size they would be way to big to handle. Not that I’ve done that. Learn from my mistakes lol

  • Once you have all your cake round spread out, pop into your preheated oven for 10 minutes or until they’re cooked through and slightly firm.

  • Set them aside to cool on a cookie rack and make the chai spiced creme filling

Chai Spiced Creme Filling Ingredients:

1C Organic Palm Shortening

3C Powdered Sugar

2t Vanilla

1/2t Ground Black Pepper

1/2t Cardamom

1/2t Cinnamon

1/2t Ginger

1/2t Nutmeg

1/2t Clove


  • Beat the shortening, vanilla, and spices together until combined

  • Add the powdered sugar slowly until all combined.


  • With a piping bag of choice half full with your chai spiced creme filling, pipe a decent sized swirl onto one pumpkin cake round

  • Top with another cake round and press until the creme holds the two together

  • Tada! You have your first whoopie pie

Makes roughly 18-20 individual sized whoopie pies

There ya have it folks! These are a huge hit with everyone! My husband loves them and asks for them often, texting me from work to make a batch before he gets home ha. They were also a huge hit with friends at our party, the gluten free and dairy free people were especially thrilled there was something safe for them to enjoy. In fact, I only told the people I knew had specific allergies that these desserts were safe for them, I told no one else and I assume as much that no one else even thought to question these whoopie pies “real-ness.” Most gluten free desserts really are great! In fact I prefer gluten free chocolate chip cookies over “normal” ones any day! Whether eating gluten free or diary free is a requirement for your dietary needs, I suggest you give these a try, they really are that good!

As usual, let me know if you do try them! I love hearing how you like these recipes <3

Enjoy friends,

~Hippie Hayden