Lacto-Fermented Jalapeno's

I have a serious addiction to spicy. A story my family loves to tell about my addiction dates back to when I was an infant, not yet one with a pacifier in my mouth. Sitting in a famous Mexican restaurant in Dallas my mother had taken the chip bowl away from me to ensure I would eat whatever mess, rice and beans I’m sure, they were about to spoon feed me. But tiny me didn’t get a rats backside about the chips, I just wanted the salsa. If they had really been paying attention they would have noticed I wasn’t really eating the chips anyway. I continued to dip the same chip into the salsa bowl until rendered soggy and useless. Upon taking the chips, I proceeded to use my pacifier as a vessel for shoveling the spiciest salsa on the table into my tiny mouth. They all laughed, so I’m told, and let me do my thing. No one was stopping this Texas born baby from getting her fix.

Still to this day I want to feel the burn, sweat, contemplate if this will be my last meal because it’s just too much to handle. When I order at Thai and Indian restaurants I usually get blown off when I request they use the traditional amount of heat when preparing the dish I’ve ordered. And then there are the restaurants that know me and know this lil white girl can absolutely handle her spice just fine.

Bless you kind humans.

Jalapenos aren’t particularly spicy to me, but I add them to just about everything in an attempt to bump up the heat level of whatever I’m eating. I throw it on my breakfasts, chili, salads; if I’m eating the jar of jalapenos is probably close by.

Once I began my fermentation journey, I realized I could procure a jar of the goods as long as I had fresh jalapenos, a jar, and salt around.

It’s that simple.

And the best part is, you can keep the recipe as simple, or complicate it, as you like. Over the years I’ve played around with adding different flavors to it just to make them even more delectable. Now a days I pretty much stick to the same recipe, or same ingredients, because I’m fermenting jalapenos regularly. About twice a month to be exact.


Fresh Jalapenos ( as little or as much as you want)

Good Salt (real salt or celtic grey is fine)

Fresh rough chopped onion or dried onion flakes

Fresh crushed garlic

Filtered water

A glass container large enough to hold however much you’re fermenting


  • Slice fresh jalapenos (I like mine pretty thin. Just remember, the thinner they are the faster they will ferment and that’s not always the best thing)

  • Rough chop onion and crush garlic if using fresh

  • Place your fresh ingredients in a glass jar of your choosing, packing things in decently but not too tight

  • Fill jar with your brine (traditional fermentation brine is 1-3T of good salt dissolved in 1 qt of water, I like my jalapeno brine on the saltier side so using the full 3T per qt of water)

  • Seal to finger tight and label with the day you set it up.

  • Burp 1-2 times a day so your jar doesn’t explode.

  • Ferment as long as you like. My home ferments ferment rather quickly 3-4 days usually.

Told ya’ll. All ferments are just about that simple. Not to mention you just upped the enzyme level, nutrient bioavailability, wild crafted probiotics from your own home environment, and have a quick and tasty pickled jalapeno! You can practically smell the enthusiasm I have for fermenting ha. I really do love it and hope you do too! If you haven’t tried to do one yet, get on it!

Enjoy friends,

~ Hippie Hayden