The Hippie Collective was born as a subset of the Hippie Hayden private holistic practice. As a holistic practitioner I firmly believe everyone deserves affordable access to the type of healthcare they prefer, whether that be allopathic or holistic. However, seeing a holistic practitioner can be pricey, although beneficial, and often times more gentle for the body in general. In order to serve others better, a “subscription” program known as the Hippie Collective was created for those wanting access to the benefits that come with that, but at a lesser commitment financially.


New Hippie Collective members receive the same initial treatment as all “regular”clients. Upon sign up you receive a NAQ (Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire), Initial Health History Interview, distance testing , and a Mood/Food journal for further assessment. Once all paperwork is completed a one hour remote appointment is scheduled to review testing results and form a bioindividual whole food supplement and nutrition protocol. The next month and all following, members have direct access to a Practitioner for advice, testing, questions, concerns, wholesale supplement ordering, wholesale lab pricing and ordering, discounted add on’s, and an optional 30 minute remote appointment. Single and family packages are available.


Interested in becoming a Hippie Collective Member?

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